KCRW Exclusive: Download New Matt Costa — Shotgun

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These days Matt Costa is looking less like a skateboarder from the OC and more like Ray LaMontagne, beard and all. This begs the question – will he SOUND more serious songwriter-y like Ray, or will it be more of the sweet, catchy pop songs we’ve known him for.

Well, we have a few clues to work with.

His new album is self-titled. Is this a serious declaration to the world of who he REALLY is?

He recorded his new album in Glasgow with longtime Belle & Sebastian/Mogwai cohort Tony Doogan and an illustrious ensemble of Scottish musicians, seeking a more “mystic” sound. (Check out the video clip below to see a bit behind the scenes.)

And lastly, here’s a quote from the man himself:

“Before I went to Glasgow, I thought I was going to end up with all these rainy songs that would sort of reflect my idea of what Scotland was like, as someone who comes from Southern California,” says Costa, who grew up in Huntington Beach. “But then once I got there, I realized I was neglecting my more upbeat side, so I started to work that into the album as well.”

I’ll let you decide based on the two stellar tracks he’s released so far. Our favorite track so far, “Ophelia“, is a romantic track with touches of Dylan that are hard to ignore (including the harmonica)

Stream “Ophelia”:

And then there’s “Shotgun“. It has a bit more oomph than his normal laid back style. It really takes you for a ride and I dig it! DOWNLOAD IT HERE

And some behind the scenes clips:

If you want to hear the new tracks live, check out Matt at School Night in Hollywood TONIGHT.