KCRW Exclusive: Milo Greene — “Lonely Eyes” (Valida Remix)

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There is something about the title of this Milo Greene’s song that immediately caught my attention – “Lonely Eyes“.

It’s on their new album, “Control“, which came out at the end of last month.

I am a sucker for anything that sends “messy love” signals and this one had “messy” written all over it…

I fell for it at first listen.

The instrumentation is really gorgeous right from the start. Actually, the dreamlike intro is what lured me in right away.

But it was the profound emotion behind Robby’s vocals against Marlana’s cool and tender delivery that really struck a cord with me – that interplay of intense passion and calm.

The song literally transported me to a single place and moment in my life and made me feel all kinds of things.

The remix is basically about translating this journey through a medium that can be shared with others…And since I am not a painter, I made a song…Also, I added some heavy beats to it. Why? Because I love to dance.

Download it below and find the original here.

Editor’s Note: They play the El Rey tonight!