KCRW Exclusive: Stream M83 Remix of Daft Punk’s “Fall” From Tron: Legacy

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TRON_Recon_HiEven before Daft Punk’s original soundtrack for Tron: Legacy was officially released, there were fake leaked tracks and remixes posted by fans of the band. Now an official remix CD, TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED, brings the music full circle, assembling a wide range of electronic music producers to take on and pay homage to Daft Punk’s creation — from Moby and Paul Oakenfold to The Crystal Method and M83.

KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley was the music supervisor on Tron: Legacy and co-produced the 15-track remix disc, which will be out on April 5. And we’re thrilled to have an exclusive stream of his favorite track on the album, M83’s version of “Fall.”

“Fall” Remixed by M83 VS Big Black Delta:

From Jason:

M83’s remix of Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy score is a brilliant interpretation of the  scene where Kevin Flynn and his son Sam, along with Qorra, are hurtling toward what seems a certain demise in a runaway elevator shaft. It’s a pretty manic situation on screen, and Daft Punk’s music understandably has a panicked urgency.

One of the reasons I like this remix so much is that M83, and his collaborator Big Black Delta, are able to control the gathering chaos of this cue, and wrap it effortlessly with a melodic synth and lyric. You can definitely make out elements from the original score, but it’s a completely fresh take.

M83 uses the frenetic energy of the music to build anticipation for the next turn in his remix. It’s the interplay of these elements that makes the track so amazing and magnetic.”

Here is the full track list from the Walt Disney Records release:

RECONFIGURED track list:

1. The Glitch Mob – “Derezzed”
2.  M83 VS Big Black Delta – “Fall”
3.  The Crystal Method – “The Grid”
4.  Teddybears – “Adagio for TRON”
5.   Ki:Theory – “The Son of Flynn”
6.  Paul Oakenfold – “C.L.U.”
7.  Moby – “The Son of Flynn”
8.  Boys Noize – “End of Line” (Boys Noize Remix)
9.  Kaskade – “Rinzler”
10.  Com Truise – “Encom Part 2”
11.  Photek – “End of Line”
12.  The Japanese Popstars – “Arena”
13.  Avicii – “Derezzed”
14.  Pretty Lights – “Solar Sailer”
15.  Sander Kleinenberg – “TRON Legacy (End Titles)”