KCRW & Fowler Museum Present Soundsuits After Dark – Free Event on Sat, May 22

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Meet KCRW at the Center of Earth! KCRW and the Fowler Museum at UCLA announce a free, all-ages night of music and art under the stars on the UCLA campus on Saturday, May 22, serving as the grand finale for the Fowler Museum’s 2010 exhibition “Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth.” The exhibition is on display through May 30, 2010. ALL the details are here.

It is the largest presentation of the Chicago-based artist’s Soundsuits, 10-foot tall multilayered, mixed-media suits extraordinarily decorated with ordinary items from everyday life, everything from vintage toys and sequins to buttons and pot holders. The materials create unusual sounds when the suits are worn and performed, hence the name “Soundsuits.”

Outdoors, KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley and nighttime DJ Garth Trinidad will provide the perfect soundtrack for a night of dancing and fun. The Fowler Museum will keep their doors open after hours so visitors can enjoy their galleries and exhibition tours of Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth, plus pop-up poetry readings and art workshops. Also, some of LA’s most popular food trucks will be making an appearance. Music starts at 8pm and there will be multiple opportunities to catch the Soundsuits in action before the night ends at 11pm.

“Nick Cave’s work is a celebration of life,” said Bentley. “His Soundsuits are a powerful testament to his background as a choreographer, and each work seems to tell a story in its intricacy and symbolism. It will be a special honor to provide a soundtrack for these dynamic works of art, and also involve the public in creating an interactive performance installation through dance.”


Who: KCRW and the Fowler Museum at UCLA

What: Soundsuits After Dark

When: Saturday, May 22

Where:            UCLA Campus

Directions and Parking:
Enter UCLA from Sunset Blvd. at Westwood Plaza. Convenient Fowler parking is located at the northeast or southeast ends of Lot 4, where self-service pay stations accept $1 and $5 bills and credit cards. Campus parking is maximum $10.

Alternative Transportation to UCLA
The Fowler is a lovely walk from the UCLA Transit Center at Hilgard and Strathmore Avenues, where several public bus lines stop.  For more detailed information on public transportation options.