KCRW Premiere: Henry Wolfe – “Encino”

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photo by Jacqueline Di Milia

It has been three years since Henry Wolfe’s last album, “Linda Vista“, and if I had to wait yet another month to hear new music by LA’s favorite recluse, I might have actually become proactive and called the man about it.

But, lucky for both, I didn’t have to resort to scare tactics — a new four-track EP (out 11/11) ceremoniously graced my inbox just yesterday…

Yay for cosmic serendipity!

The title track “Encino” is Henry at his finest, soft spoken, lyrical genius.

He is backed by his signature sound that gives a subtle nod to two of my favorite music periods, the sweet sounds of the 70s West Coast rock meshed in with the 80s romance.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride that quickly takes a sharp, or rather, a minor-cord-change turn for that signature Henry melancholia sound.

It happens a third into the song, sending your heart on a proverbial path deep into the woods with no clues as to how to find your way back home. Maybe Henry doesn’t want you to find that road. Maybe he wants you to stay there and explore until you have soaked it all in and are ready to come out. I’m not sure. But one thing I’m sure of is that I love it.

If this is your shot of whiskey, then seeing Henry live is a must. Henry reels in his audience with both song and playful banter, which makes you feel like you are hanging out with that one friend who tells the best stories. Lucky for us all that Henry has plenty of stories to share.

He is supporting Dawes on their west coast tour, playing the ultimate California desert venue, Pappy and Harriet’s in PioneerTown on October 11th

— Valida