KCRW Premiere: New Generationals Song Sale City

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Generationals really knocked me out with the punchy, Wall of Sound indebted single “When They Fight, They Fight” from their 2009 debut “Con Law”.

Since then, they’ve shown up at least once a year with a new album or EP that manages to shake up their sound just enough to keep things interesting without compromising the excellent knack for song craft that made them so compelling in the first place.

They’ve self-released their second EP, “Lucky Numbers”, this week and we’re pleased to premiere the first single from it “Sale City“.

Stream “Sale City”:

The whole EP is well in line with their knack for smart musical evolution. There’s a synthy sheen that they’ve flirted with in the past permeating each song on this EP, and it serves “Sale City“, in it’s jaunty call and response delivery, very well.

— Marion Hodges