KCRW Premiere: New Track from LA’s The Little Ones

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It’s obvious to anyone who is a fan of local music and who listens to KCRW that Los Angeles has one of the best scenes in the world.

It really is THAT good.

Over the past dozen years or so that I’ve been paying close attention, I’ve been rewarded numerous times with bands that encapsulate the best that music has to offer. Pop magicians The Little Ones are one of those groups. Way back in 2006 when I heard their EPSing Song, I was blown away by the track “Lovers Who Uncover“. Perfectly constructed indie rock goodness, with soaring harmonies and enough la la la’s to make the Beach Boys blush.

After 2008’s”Morning Tide“, their sole full length, they fell silent for so long, I thought they had called it quits. Fast forward to five years later and they’re finally releasing their superb sophomore release, “The Dawn Sang Along“. They haven’t skipped a beat. Jam packed full of infectious melodies, it’s an album that continually rewards the listener.

Check out their track “Forro

I’m so glad they’re back… and while I hope it doesn’t take another five years in between albums, if it takes that long to make such wonderful music, I’m ready to wait.

Chuck P.