KCRW Premiere: Public Image Ltd – Out of the Woods Video

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Iconic rocker John Lydon is back in action with a new album from his highly influential outfit Public Image Ltd. He’ll be doing a DJ set at KCRW’s Halloween ball Masquerade this weekend and told Eric J Lawrence that he will be “playing records that are enjoyable and poignant to me”.

He also weighs in on dance culture in his notoriously quick-witted manner, saying “I actually create music and hate loathe and despise the cheesy sods that have the audacity to claim credit for spinning our product”. Gotta love Johnny Rotten!

John Lydon (Public Image Ltd / Sex Pistols) Chats Dance Culture on Morning Becomes Eclectic by KCRW

Hear the full interview above and check out the video premiere for “Out of the Woods” off of PIL’s latest, “This is PIL” – the band’s first album of new music in 20 years!

From John himself:

The song is about the Battle of Chancellorsville, a major battle of the American Civil War. To all whom it may concern, please teach the true history of the South”.

Check out the band live at Club Nokia THIS Sunday, October 28.