KCRW Presents Coordinator Mary Chellamy’s Top 10 Shows of 2013

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Andrew Bird by Jeremiah Garcia

I had a significant chunk of my 2013 concert year put on hold due to a bowling injury (seriously), but managed to cram in a ton of shows mid season.

Here are my ‘Top 10 shows of 2013. Do you agree? Disagree (of course you do!) Let me know which shows were the highlight of your 2013.

In monthly order we have:

Rodriquez – Hotel Cafe – 1/12

Yeah, this is the same Rodriquez that’s the subject of the 2013 Oscar winner for Best Documentary. What a fragile yet strong performance. Just Rodriquez and his guitar in a tiny room. Pretty close to perfect.

Bjork – Palladium – 6/8

I like Bjork. Like, not love, but this show was a stunner. It was set ‘in the round’ including a choir of Icelandic girls and a bedazzled Bjork. Sparkly!

Fleetwood Mac – Staples Center – 7/3

2013 saw many ‘comeback’ tours and this show was probably the highlight of the lot. Mick banging on the drums like Animal from Sesame Street, Lindsey and his tight pants, Stevie and her ‘Stevieness.’ It was worth all the pennies I paid to hear ‘Dreams,” “Everywhere,” “The Chain” and all their other hits in an arena setting – incredible.

Big Black Delta – Getty Museum – 9/21

Jonathan Bates and company kinda became my obsession last summer after their August MBE live set.  They brought some heavy psychedelic, horn-filled, industrial and sexy vibes to the museum’s outdoor courtyard that night.

Depeche Mode – Staples Center – 10/2

Spoiler alert – I love this band and they can do no wrong, but I was still expecting a kick-ass show (and it was!). Here is what you missed – a very hot and sexy Dave Gahan prancing around stage, a demure Martin Gore shredding through a line of classic DM tracks (and a solo performance of ‘But Not Tonight’), Andy Fletcher tapping away at a keyboard and a weird dog video during “Precious.’

Moby by Justin Wise
Moby by Justin Wise (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

KCRW Presents Moby – The Fonda – 10/3

What the heck Moby, you are one incredible entertainer! Sensory overload in all ways: a crazy light show, super talented female singers, a cameo by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti on the keys and over two hours of ‘the best of Moby’ live.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – LA State Historic Park – 10/20 (matinee show)

You know what, this totally worked. The circus setting + LA State Historic Park + Edward Sharpe = the most entertaining concert experience of the year. The band performed under a big top in a circus ring on a rotating stage and clanged, banged and sang their way through an hour and a half set. The rest of the circus experience was free and open to the public and was a sweet way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Arcade Fire – Capitol Records – 10/29

Okay so logistically not THE best concert (they performed on a rooftop adjacent to the Capitol Records tower) and I could barely make out Win’s head or see anyone from the band, BUT the show was a blast. Silver confetti showered the crowd at the end of the set and I left with a great ‘concert’ high.

White Denim – Belasco – 10/30

The guys opened for Tame Impala that night, but I think they totally stole the show. Solid rock n’ roll performance, great energy and excellent tunes.

KCRW Presents Andrew Bird – Cathedral Sanctuary at Immanuel Presbyterian Church – 12/19

This was the best non-Christmas Christmas-time concert. The church was perfectly lit and perfectly cozy and the alter area was covered with Specimen XL Horn speakers (similiar to a phonograph) ranging from 8 feet tall to just a few inches high. Andrew started the show with his one-man genius of violin plucking, loopping and whistling. He was later joined by Tift Merritt on guitar, an upright bassist and slide guitarist. He says he wants to make this an annual tradition, so make sure you go!