KCRW Sound Clash @ Night on Broadway

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This Saturday, Jan 28th, you’ll find KCRW DJs in a battle royale, we’re calling Sound Clash. It’s part of the Night On Broadway event DTLA.

KCRW DJs will go up against each other to see who can get the crowd moving the most. Partiers will wear special headphones in this unique experience, as the DJs serve up their dance mix. The showdown begins at 5pm with Mathieu Schreyer going against Jeremy Sole. At 6pm Travis Holcombe will be matched against Valida Carroll. At 8pm it’s the pupil versus the teacher as I take on Garth Trinidad. Then at 9:30pm the final battle with Anthony Valadez challenging Jason Bentley.

KCRW has never had an event quite like this, so swing through. It’s free and come on, admit it – you’re pretty curious about this aren’t you?

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