KCRW Top 20 (10/28 - 11/3)

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"It Might Be Time" to face it. KCRW is one of the fairest in all of the "Universe," and it's not only because of her beautiful "Goat Head." When it comes to news, music, and culture, whether it's an "Uneventful Day" in "Traffic" or an "Anasickmodular" kind of night when I "Think About It," I'm "Tempted" to admit, she's truly the "1 4 Me."

One of my favorite "Things I Do" during my show is "Kickback" and include the titles or lyrics of the songs I play into talking points between songs. This post is no different. The quotes above are all titles of some of this week's TOP 20! There's veteran representation like Beck and Thom Yorke to rising artists Omar Apollo and Aussie collective 30/70.

I hope you have even more fun listening to the playlist than I did creating this post! And let's have even more fun together, "Face to Face" Sunday nights, midnight to 3!