KCRW’s Coachella Getaway Sweepstakes Ends at Noon Today!

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Support KCRW 180x150bEvery six months we take time out of our regular programming to raise the funds to keep independent, playlist-free, commercial-free radio ALIVE!  If you’re a fan of what we do here, please consider pledging a few dollars today. Grabs a CD, a t-shirt, or a mug for as little as $50 and get automatically entered into all our sweepstakes. They are drawing the winner for the Coachella Getaway at NOON this morning so pledge now to get in on it! You could win a pair of VIP tickets, 3-night hotel stay, AND round trip car service to and from the Festival

Pledges can be made by phone (if you’d like to talk to a friendly KCRW volunteer) at 800-600-5279 or donate online at KCRW.com.


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