KCRW’s Masquerade Has a New (Haunted) Home

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We are now just a month away from the best party of the year, and the excitement around the halls of KCRW is palpable. Here is your full line-up of KCRW DJs and artists playing this year’s Masquerade Ball. This party always sells out, so grab your tickets here, and get to work on that costume!

This year’s festivities will be a bit more intimate than in years past, as we move to the allegedly haunted ballrooms of the Los Angeles Theatre, but the fun vibes will be as strong as ever. Lucent Dossier will be on hand as always treating guests to their particular brand of eye and ear candy, the costumes will be spectacular, and the dancing will will be non-stop. Speaking of dancing, let’s get to know the artists that will be making it happen.

Santigold clearly needs no introduction as a musician, but for Masquerade she’ll be serving up a DJ set. Given her exquisite taste in those who have remixed her songs over the years I expect a crazy fun, high energy good time. This remix of her song “The Keepers” from the Knocks has long been a favorite of mine.

Also gracing us with a DJ set is Dam-Funk. He’s long been part of the roster of local favorite record label Stones Throw, and that entire crew is known for their expansive, and eclectic music libraries. I know we’re in for an adventure with this one.

Rounding out our DJ lineup are Brothers Griiin. Matt Duckworth and Nick Ley are best known as drummers for Flaming Lips, but they moonlight as a DJ duo. A quick perusal of their Soundcloud page tells me that this set will be a wild ride chock full of crowd pleasers that should make everyone in the room go completely nuts. I can’t wait to watch. To give you a little taste, here’s one of their earlier Halloween themed sets. Warning, it is extremely NSFW. Perhaps this is the perfect time to remind you that this event is 21+.

Wajatta may be performing their own songs as opposed to DJ-ing, but I just know that this collaboration of Reggie Watts and John Tejada will keep the dance party going strong. Their debut album Casual High Technology is wall to wall bangers, and I can’t imagine that their live set would be anything otherwise.

It’s hard not to beam with pride every time I think about how far Cherry Glazerr have come since a staff email circulated many years ago that there was this cool, riot grrrl-tinged band that had taken their name from our local Morning Edition host. I think I featured them here earlier this year right before the release of their new single “Juicy Socks.” Therefore, I haven’t posted that song here yet so I’m extremely grateful to do so now. Because it rules.

*As a bonus one of the most delightful things ever is Chery Glaser interviewing Cherry Glazerr.

White Denim have been KCRW favorites throughout their career, and clearly we’re big fans of their latest record Performance. Can’t wait to rock with them at Masquerade!

Shannon Shaw got her start with her modern day garage band Shannon & the Clams, but for her first solo record she took things in a different direction. Teaming up with The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach for Shannon in Nashville she’s delivered a powerful set of songs that skew into a satisfyingly country-ish sound as the album’s title may suggest. Check out “Broke My Own” below and don’t miss her set!