Kid Koala: Artist You Should Know

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12 Bit Blues” was hanging out in KCRW’s Top 50 Most Played Albums list during most of October and tonight he will play the Echoplex in LA as part of the “Vinyl Vaudeville Tour”. Apparently he doesn’t tour very often and this extravaganza will include dancing girls, puppets, and off course the all-star DJ himself!

Here’s what KCRW Garth Trinidad has to say about his new work:

“Conceptual Canadian, turntablist extraordinaire Kid Koala returns with a record focused on beat heavy reinterpretations of American Blues.

Skillfully complex, but easy to grasp, the tracks on “12 Bit Blues” groove hard, while maintaining the historic juke joint blues man at the southern cross roads feel. The great thing about KK’s records — they sound even better when you can see him do it live.”


P.s. Bonus video: Jason Bentley really likes this track: