King Britt Guest DJ Set and Interview Up in the Archives

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World-renowned Philadelphia based DJ/Producer, King Britt stopped by KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad’s show last night to celebrate his new project Saturn Never Sleeps and the release of their debut albumYesterday’s Machine” with an interview and Guest DJ set.

Saturn Never Sleeps is a collaboration between King and singer Rucyl. They played LA’s famed Low End Theory night recently and King said it was a phenomenal experience.

“Just the energy in the room, the whole thing, from going in there in the beginning and setting up and Daddy Kev, who runs the whole thing with Gaslamp and Elvin, it’s such a family vibe and they really put it together quickly and they’re so efficient. They’ve been doing this for a long time, you can tell that they love it. Then the crowd that comes, they line up at 7:30, they’re so eager to get this music because no one else is playing it. It’s such a beautiful scene so we were just really honored to play for the Low End Theory and for the audience They just gave us so much love, it was really a beautiful experience.”

Rucyl says when they plan live, they’re creating in the moment.

“King is making beats on the spot and I’m playing off of what he’s doing and it’s a really amazing experience and it’s definitely is in the spirit of Jazz improvisation and what that was about. We really just wanted to make music fun for us all the time and we found that, when we improvise, it’s a really good way to keep it fresh.

Hear the entire interview AND a live DJ set King made especially for KCRW here