La Banda Elastica – Home Brewed Sessions Spotlight

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I know this is the beginning of the 2 Coachella weekends, so the post should be about bands we are excited about… but we already did that post and yes we are still pumped about those bands. Check it out HERE if you need a refresher.

But for those of you NOT living your best ‘Coachella Life’ this week, we wanted to expand and share our Pan Caliente universe to include, and possibly introduce you to, La Banda Elastica. Their video series, ‘Home-Brewed Sessions’ have been a feature we’ve been watching constantly and it merits a spotlight.

LBE (as it’s abbreviated) was one of the first media outlets to dedicate a space for Latin artists, pushing musical genre defying boundaries in the late 90’s and well into the early oughts. It was mainly a print monthly, that – much like all print  – found its way onto the internet and discontinued their physical presence.

It took them a couple years to regroup and get up to speed online, but now with their artist enclave nestled in Highland Park, and operating a 24hr stream dedicated to musica indie, they have begun to focus on putting out high quality acoustic sessions.

It’s tough to make an impact in niche genres wthout the help of a community, and those who say they did it on their own, well, are probably lying. So enjoy these videos from our buds in our musica indie community that inspire us to keep showcasing bands who need a platform. And look out for a PC x LBE live session in the near future. Adelante!

(Gaby Moreno Photo Credit: Jesus Olvera)