Lady Danville Cover MGMT’s “Kids” + Also I Like to Rock

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Lady Danville will be playing the final night of Also I Like to Rock 2011 at the Hammer Museum this Thursday night (alongside the Henry Clay People) so I thought it was time to give them a little introduction.

The band emerged out of the Awaken A Capella ensemble at UCLA – like Sonos and Sara Bareilles before them – so you could call this a homecoming show. Band members Michael Garner, Dan Chang and Matt Frankel met each other at a tryout for the ensemble in 2007 and have been harmonizing together ever since. The trio has toured with Ben Folds, Dashboard Confessional and others.

Their version of MGMT’s hit track “Kids” is a nice hint at their vocal talents, as is this live version of “Tired Magician”.

I hear their live shows are great, so join me and the rest of the KCRW bunch at the Hammer Museum THIS Thursday for Also I Like to Rock.

*** Location: The Hammer Museum is located at 10899 Wilshire Blvd.(at the northeast corner of Westwood and Wilshire) in the heart of Westwood. For current program and exhibition information call 310-443-7000 or visit

Parking: Concertgoers are encouraged to arrive early and take advantage of $3 parking under the museum available after 6pm.