LAMC Preview: AJ Davila

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 Editor’s Note: The Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) is July 8-12 and Pan Caliente blogger Jose Galvan previews some of the most exciting artists playing this year. AJ Davila– Playing LAMC on July 11 at SOB’s acoustic showcase in NYC

For Fans of: Savages, Hanni El Khatib, Rey Pila

When Puerto Rican garage rockers Davila 666 burst onto the music scene, my head nearly exploded.

It was grimy garage rock that was produced so well it made you think it was made back in the 60’s. Ironic right, that garage rock is an aesthetic that you have to carefully craft now when before it was more of a product of limitation… but I digress… They quickly garnered fans and made the rounds at SXSW, Vive Latino, et al.

For whatever reason lead singers feel the need to break off from a band and do the same thing under a different name is basically what happens here next.

AJ Davila, frontman of the band has taken to the solo trail to see if he can strike gold again.

This time mixing the garage rock sound with an 80’s Spanish pop influence that to be honest sounds a bit strange but is novel and genuine in its attempt.

He manages to retain some of the initial allure that made Davila 666 such a great sound and incorporates some cool collaborations with Mexican provocateur Selma Oxor, Chilean beatmaster Alex Anwandter and all around crazy man Juan Cirerol to name a few.

It’s still a bit grimy and produced exquisitely so I’m excited about seeing him perform this summer and hearing the album live.