Laura Marling Live on KCRW — “I Was An Eagle/You Know (Medley)”

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Laura Marling is a rare performer who needs nothing more than a guitar and her voice to produce a riveting performance.

I was telling Jason that she’s a perfect combination of Joni Mitchell and Jimmy Page (Think “Tangerine” more than “Whole Lotta Love” – and exceptional storyteller and guitarist.  Singer k.d.lang even tweeted out a “wow” during her set.

Ethan Johns produced her latest album, recorded on the West Coast of England. It’s an emotional and beautiful journey and she treated us to a bunch of new tracks, as well as a Simon and Garfunkel cover. Check out the full session here.


Laura Marling Set List

New Friend
Love Be Brave
Pray for Me
Kathy’s Song (Simon And Garfunkel Cover)
Little Bird
I Was An Eagle/You Know (Medley)