Lex Land Live on KCRW – Could’ve Had Me

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DJ Anne Litt walked in the studio this morning during Lex Land’s performance and was totally smitten, saying “Watch out _____ ! (add name of a very popular female singer of the moment. you know who).

I mean wow. Her vocals and lyrics are saucy and sweet and everything in between. And what the LA native turned Austinite has above all else is a versatility and range – from opera to jazz standards or catchy pop, she can do it all with the utmost confidence,

(Anne also added that “Lex Land is cooler than all of us.” Thanks a lot Anne! But she’s probably right).

Lex has you wrapped around her finger in seconds, like with the slow, sultry number “Could’ve Had Me”, which followed an incredible cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Everybody Here Wants You”.

If you missed it, definitely seek this session out in the archives.


Lex Land Live on KCRW

Oh My

Someone New on My Mind

How Often

All This Talk Of Dreaming Is Fine And Sweet…


If I

Everybody Here Wants You

Could’ve Had Me

Coffeelocks (Gavin Castleton song)