Live Show Recommendation: The Clientele at Spaceland March 5th & 6th (or Both!)

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From KCRW DJ Marion Hodges:

Songs by The Clientele were the soundtrack to one of the most uncertain times in my life, as well as for the time when everything seemed to finally be falling into place. Not to mention some lovely long walks in between. Therefore, it’s difficult for me to disentangle myself from my personal feelings about the band, so I won’t even try. Fortunately, the music speaks entirely for itself.

This band first came to my attention in 2005 thanks to a heartbreakingly beautiful song on a mix CD called “Since K Got Over Me.” Upon hearing that one, I immediately set out to find the full length that it belonged to (Strange Geometry) as well as their earlier material. The Clientele is not a band that changes drastically from record to record. The biggest changes can be noticed in the contrast between Strange Geometry, and the record that precedes it, The Violet Hour. The latter is gorgeous in its reverb heavy darkness. The former (while still pretty dark in tone) is the first to showcase the very lush, string prominent sound that they are probably most often associated with.

From there, the records have become warmer, perhaps more comfortable, and easier spaces to occupy for longer periods of time. Their beautiful offering from last  year, Bonfires on the Heath, was no exception as the band even further embraced a rich melodious sound and played around  with the gentle disco that they experimented with on 2007’s God Save the Clientele. It’s no wonder that it was such a station favorite.

I caught their live show in 2007, and was thoroughly charmed.  I can’t wait to see what time, and another record under their belt have done for their sound. Shall we all find out together at Spaceland this weekend?

— Marion Hodges