Local Band We Love: Kisses

Written by

by KCRW DJ Marion Hodges:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year here in Los Angeles… weatherwise that is. On most days you feel a cool breeze wafting through the air as you walk, almost as if to remind you to take pause and enjoy every second of that day for at any moment we will find ourselves waking to the still and stifling heat that will accompany us through the end of summer (whenever that comes).

kissesAnd of course weather this perfect requires a soundtrack. Kisses is a side project of Jesse Kivel, one of the frontmen for KCRW favorites Princeton. Where Princeton takes a straightforward guitar pop approach to clever subject matter, Kisses approach is one of gentle, highly danceable electro pop. Mr. Kivel even takes a stab at a very 80s-esque disco sound on “Midnight Lover.” Most of the songs, however, have a more laid back feel. They waft along much like the aforementioned cool breeze, and ask for your enjoyment.

Kisses – Bermuda

Kisses certainly caught the attention of another local artist whose been recieving a lot of attention from the DJs here at KCRW lately — Active Child recently put out a remix of the song “Bermuda.” His version gives the bouant, dream-like song a slightly darker twist.  Pretty intriguing if you ask me.

Active Child – Kisses Bermuda Remix

— Marion Hodges