Local Natives –“Who Knows Who Cares”

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My love for this band is well documented on this blog and among anyone I’ve talked to about music in the last couple of years. Local Natives full length debut “Gorilla Manor” was on my top 10 best albums list of last year and I’m tempted to put them on it again for 2010. I truly can’t stop listening to it.

And now, after touring their bums off across the world, they finally released a video for one of my favorite songs, “Who Know Who Cares.”  Their harmonies give me goosebumps and transport me far away from the desk where I’m typing this right now. But, boy, it makes me wish we still had some summertime left.

If you still don’t know this band, their live performance on KCRW was incredible and you can find it in the archives here.