Lord Huron Live on KCRW – Time To Run

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By Larry Hirshowitz

For an up-and-coming artist to make an impression there are usually two routes. One is to be a white-hot ball of energy so destined to become a star you feel gratitude simply for sharing the same path for a little while. The other is a much more subtle approach that takes some time to stew and bubble up that, even when you’re aware of it, you’re not entirely sure why.

Ben Schneider is the visionary behind the Lord Huron project and his Midwestern roots have trained him precisely to follow the latter of the two options. There’s no bombast in the approach to his music or huge, over the top personalities to get through. There isn’t even a hint of the hit-you-over-the-head aesthetic of an old-timey folk band that’s following a trend.

What you have are elegantly arranged melodies backed by an ensemble of folk and roots rock wandering the wilds of a Zane Grey novel.

The straight-forward lyrics want to take you on an adventure through the Western US like an old young adult series from the 50s. The environmentally-wrapped imagery aren’t literary devices used to extol the virtues of a technology filled life, no, they are literally telling you “Oh, there’s a river that winds on forever I’m gonna see where it leads”. It’s so simple that it takes a while to bubble up until you realize that subtle approach, like a cloud partially covering a mountain wants you to explore more.

Check out the entire session here and definitely watch “Time to Run” on our YouTube channel to see the instruments he uses to manifest some of his Indonesian and Eastern influences.

— Collin Walzak

Lord Huron Live on KCRW Set List

Ends of the Earth
The Man Who Lives Forever
Time to Run
She Lit a Fire
I Will Be Back One Day
Lonesome Dreams
The Stranger