Los Campesinos Live on KCRW – Songs About Your Girlfriend Video

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Hello Sadness” is the name of the newest album from Wales collective Los Campesinos! but you wouldn’t know it unless you listened carefully to the lyrics. Even when singing break up songs, the band sounds impossibly upbeat and joyous (as the exclamation at the end of their name would indicate).

The lyrics of “Songs About Your Girlfriend” are particularly searing, and it’s a favorite of Jason Bentley’s.

Their energy is really incredible. If you need a caffeine boost, just watch this session instead.


p.s.: The band just released an “official” video for “Songs About Your Girlfriend

“Los Campesinos! Live on KCRW – Set List

By Your Hand

Songs About Your Girlfriend

To Tundra

Romance is Boring

Life is a Long Time

Letter From Me to Charlotte

Hello Sadness

Baby I Got the Death Rattle