Love From London: United Vibrations

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Three brothers — Kareem,  Ahmad & Yussef Dayes — along with saxophonist Wayne Francis formed United Vibrations back in 2003. They honed their skills by busking on the streets of London and their live sets are off the hook.

Blending Jazz, Afrobeat, Funk, Ska Reggae and bursting full of energy, United Vibrations are a London four-piece that has really set themselves apart.

They’re hot on their eco-friendly credentials & they’re motivated to bring back Fela Kuti’s combination of music and political activist. And the music is quality!

The proceeds of their debut release will go towards a housing co-operative that they’re planning.

Their debut album “Galaxies not Ghettos” is out now on 12-tone and you can get a taste below.

By Alex K