Low Live on KCRW

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Minnesota’s Low formed in the early 90’s and are releasing their 9th album this year. With news this morning that R.E.M. was calling it quits, Jason had to ask about their secret to longevity. Their first answer: ignorance. Second answer: lack of other skills because they were really young when they started playing music (aka they have no choice) Third answer: well, guitarist/vocalist Alan Sparhawk and drummer/vocalist Mimi Parker are married and Mimi says it would take a lot to separate them with the added bond of a legal document.

Regardless, we’re glad they stayed together because “C’Mon” might be their best album yet. It’s out on Sub Pop and we’re loving “Try to Sleep”, “Nightingale” and more. It’s cinematic, compelling and deserves your ears! Check out the full session in the archives here.


Low Live on KCRW Set List

Try to Sleep

Nothing But Heart


You See Everything

Hand So Small