Lulu’s Coachella Picks

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Lulu Phoenix – The thought of hearing the soaring pop guitar of these French musical masterminds against a cloudless California sky sold me on attending Coachella this year. Their precise, vibrant, addictive riffs promise a great performance.

Little Dragon – A potent mixture of smooth funk and eerie vocals, Little Dragon should attract an interesting crowd with their soulful jazz turned emotive electronic sound. I expect their songs to be even more fantastically chilling live.

Yeasayer – I first discovered these dynamic rockers during a KCRW First Fridays event at the LA Museum of Natural History. They put out an energetic set as unique and intriguing as the taxidermied elephants and lions that filled the unusual venue. I instantly became a fan and await another wild show.

White Rabbits – This band has become a recent favorite with their highly percussive songs packed full of catchy melodies and edgy vocals. With six members and two drummers, I anticipate an engaging performance.

Julian Casablancas – Whether I am belting it out in the car or dancing in my room, it’s often to Julian Casablancas. Now I can party with Julian live, as The Strokes’ frontman pumps out tunes from his debut solo album Phrazes for the Young.

Florence and The Machine – Between her powerful pipes, flaming red hair, and intricate instrumental backdrops, Florence will rock the desert with her passionate, distinctive sound.