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Mark de Clive Lowe is regarded as a contemporary jazz man, who dips his toes in an array of other musical styles including funk, Latin, soul and more. Given the chance, I had to ask him about a jazz recording that changed his life and he instantly answered “Ahmad Jamal – The Awakening”. His older brother gave it to him when he was 11 or 12 and it’s still one of his favorite jazz trio recordings. He also noted that it’s been sampled many times by Nas and other hip hop artists.

Mark also told me his approach to remixes (as he’s done many) – “the less I know the better”. He doesn’t even want to listen to the original version, let along the artist’s back catalogue. Sometimes he just takes the vocal, or occasionally a percussive element that catches his ear. I also asked him to name his favorite remix he’s done – which I’m sure is like being asked to pick your favorite child – but he chose Shirley Horn’s “Return to Paradise” which was released on the Electric Jazz Lounge compilation. Check it out.

To dig into his remix catalogue, check out this Soundcloud link to “The Best of Mark de Clive-Lowe mixed by the legendary DJ Spinna” and to enjoy more of his original compositions, check out his live session in the KCRW archives.


p.s.: The New Zealand-born musician, now an LA resident, says his dream venue to play would be the Hollywood Bowl. I think his music would sound fantastic wafting over the Hollywood Hills in the summer air…you never know!

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