Mark Ronson – Stream “Somebody To Love Me”

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record collectionAnother tribute to the best songwriting muse of all time – L-O-V-E.

Here’s a little something to go with your chocolate and flowers, my favorite track off the latest album from Mark Ronson, “Record Collection,” featuring vocals from Boy George. Now, I didn’t know that last little factoid until we were in the midst of a pledge drive and DJ Aaron Byrd mentioned it. I immediately grabbed the liner notes to check and sure enough it’s him! I think he sounds great (also, I hear that a Culture Club reunion tour may be in the works, with a new album set for 2012).

Stream “Somebody to Love Me”

Ronson seems to really bring the best out of the people he produces (remember Amy Winehouse?) and has a magic touch when it comes to crafting catchy songs. If you missed this album at the end of last year, pay it another visit – especially “Bike Song” and “Bang Bang Bang.”