Matisyahu Live on KCRW – Sunshine

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Matisyahu is one of the most thoughtful musicians that has passed through our studios recently. His interview with Jason Bentley was absolutely fascinating and told the story of how he rose to fame as an Orthodox Jewish beatboxing reggae musician and his current transition, where he shed his beard and religious garb.

Matisyahu by Larry Hirshowitz

As he said, “it’s so easy to get trapped in what we believe in” and that he reached a point where he wanted to “lead with his heart” and his intuition instead.

Sitting on a stool and singing more than rapping, Matisyahu definitely showed another side of his musical persona. His Brooklyn-based backing band – the “dub trio”, as he calls them – were top notch. His sound has steered more pop on this new album and “Sunshine” is a perfect example. Enjoy and check out the full set here.


Matisyahu Live On KCRW – Set List


Live Like a Warrior


Bal Shem Tov



Runnin Away (Bob Marley cover)