Matt and Kim Live on KCRW

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If you want to see a band that clearly has fun making music, go see Matt & Kim. Their energy is simply unstoppable – and what you see on stage is exactly what you get in person as well.

Matt considers himself more as a performer/songwriter than a “musician”.  And while pounding away on his keys and singing, Matt stares at his girlfriend and bandmate Kim pounding away at the drums across the room. Kim does not have a hi hat on her drum set and her arms – tattooed, muscular and sweaty – are an obvious demonstration of the punk part of their punk-flavored pop.

They started their set with Europe’s the Final Countdown (yes, they have a great sense of humor as well) and sprinkled in a few covers in addition to tracks off their last two albums (including DJ Kool’s “45 King”.)

What we did learn this morning, however, is that nobody puts Kim in a cage. In fact, she said if you want to see someone having a “slight panic attack” just watch the video from the set. Obviously this wasn’t intentional on our part. We always box the drummer into a corner of our studio, for sound reasons. However, Kim is mildly claustrophobic so it wasn’t the best set up for her – luckily she soldiered through.

Check out the full session here.


The Final Countdown

Block After Block

45 King

Silver Tiles



Yea Yeah


Turn This Boat Around



Better Off Alone