Matt Costa Live On KCRW — “Ophelia”

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Yesterday started like this:

Me: (To the tall guy getting water) “Is there enough water in there for you? Do you need any more?”

Matt: “No- It’s all good. I think we’ll be fine”

Me: “Great. I’m Collin by the way. I’m with Morning Becomes Eclectic.”

MC: “Hi, I’m Matt. With, umm… Matt Costa.”

Later on, the irony of Matt Costa having a bit of an identity crisis with Matt Costa would not be lost on me.

When he began to approach this release, he was advised to seek out the help of producer Tony Doogan of Glasgow, Scotland. Tony had previously done a record with Russian Red, a Spanish artist which had included the work of Belle & Sebastian, a group effort that Costa was excited about. Costa had wanted to add incorporate the horns and strings synonymous with the English folk and roots music and find a “mystic” sound.

Leading up to the production of the album, Costa had been diving into the world of Scottish folk artist Donovan whose eclectic style of genre blending has lent him comparisons to Bob Dylan. A compliment Jason had paid Costa himself, most likely alluding to his song “Ophelia” which has been getting a ton of MBE love lately.

But for anyone who’s been immersed in totally new cultural experience, it’s not uncommon to take on a few traits– an expression here and an accent on words there. Next thing you know you’re rolling your R’s when you don’t even think about it. With Costa, the effect of recording in Scotland had found its way into the album in more ways than anticipated. Even if they Scots told him he sounded Irish.

At its core the album is pure Matt Costa, perhaps proving that getting lost might be the best way to really find yourself.

Matt Costa Set List For KCRW

Early November
Laura Lee
Silver Sea
Clipped Wings
Good Times
Never Change

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by Larry Hirshowitz (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)