MBE Assoc. Producer Collin Walzak’s Top 10 Albums of the Year

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Look, the fact is Top Ten lists get exhaustive around the end of November but everyone still likes to look through them to either validate their own opinions or tear down someone else’s. And the truth of the matter is, that any one of these albums could easily be redacted to 11-20 or barely make a top 30. That’s why people have honorable mentions so they can really interchange them as they see fit. Was Jack White my favorite album at one point? Sure, but just like everything else I needed a pallet cleanser and moved on to another album. You can’t feast on red-meat alone and not yearn for a fresh salad. So let’s call this list what it really is: My Top Ten Albums that took me the longest to get sick of—2012.

2.) Grizzly Bear– Shields(Warp)

3.) Dirty Projectors– Swing lo Magellan (Domino)

4.) Flying Lotus– Until the quiet comes (Warp)

5.) Gary Clark Jr—Blak & Blu (Warner Bros.)

6.) Frank Ocean – Channel ORANGE (Def Jam)

7.) Jeff The Brotherhood– Hypnotic Nights (Warner Bros.)

8.) Mexican Institute of Sound–POLITICO (Nacional)

9.) Lord Huron—Lonesome Dreams (Iamsound)

10.) The Shins–Port of morrow (Columbia)