Melora Hardin from “The Office” is Our Guest DJ

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“The Office” is one of those TV shows that I know is fantastic, but that I haven’t seen much of because, honestly, I’m mostly out at shows! However, I have caught it a few times, including the famous baby shower episode where Jan, Michael Scott’s former boss and lover, sings “Son of a Preacher Man” as a lullaby to her newborn daughter. It was so hilarious I laughed about it for days. Our current Guest DJ Melora Hardin played Jan on the show and she told the story about how that scene came about and more as part of her Guest DJ Project set!

Melora is a triple threat and her love of music, dance and acting comes through in her song choices, which range from the disco stylings of Donna Summer to the girl-next-door charm of Doris Day.

She really was a scene-stealer on The Office and recently released both an album (All the Way to Mars) and her directorial debut (You).

Check out her song picks here.

Melora Hardin