Me’Shell Ndegéocello Live on KCRW – Oysters

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It made total sense for Me’Shell Ndegéocello to be the first live performer on Morning Becomes Eclectic in 2012.

As Jason Bentley mentioned in his intro, she is an enduring voice on KCRW’s airwaves and her new album “Weather” is an incredible piece of work. She collaborated with a few other musicians, including producer Joe Henry and Benji Hughes, who wrote the gorgeous song “Oysters”.  KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez was in the studio to watch the performance and told me to listen carefully to the lyrics. I ended up with tears in my eyes.  Watch here:

Me’Shell is a force. Her style is so unique – like the wild time changes within “Dead End” — and, of course, watching her play bass is such a treat.

When I saw her in the hallway before the show, I could help but ask what music she wishes she had written. After a few seconds, she answered “Blue in Green” by Miles Davis and anything by Joni Mitchell.

I also asked that, since her music is so confessional, would she share one thing that nobody would guess about her and here it is: that during winter she likes to grill outside in her robe.  Never would have guessed that! (and her sound engineer Jesse Honig added that she has great taste in shoes as well).

Her band was excellent, including drummer Deantoni Park, who also plays with John Cale and The Mars Volta. Enjoy this fantastic set in the archives here.


Me’Shell Ndegéocello Live on KCRW

Dirty World

Crazy Wild

Rapid Fire



Dead End

Feeling For the Wall