Metric brings stadium-sized sounds to cozy Apogee Studios

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On a cold & windy night in Santa Monica about 200 fans and supporters of KCRW huddled together inside the cozy Apogee studios for a chance to catch an anticipated performance from venerable Canadian rockers Metric.

With their stadium-sized, alternative pop in tow, Emily Haines and company felt larger than life in the intimate space performing tracks from their 7th studio album Art of Doubt (which was produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, NIN, M83, Air), and released late last year).

The crowd was at capacity and the bigness of Metric’s sound made us all feel like we happened to be in the pit of an arena show. These are some of the highlights:

“Now or Never Now”

The theme that pieces Art of Doubt lyrically together is the ideasof pushing through, seizing the moment and in the end believing in yourself.  This inspirational sound is highlighted in “Now or Never Now” with lyrics like, “Oh, only silence can restore, The sense of place I had before, Oh, only silence can repair, My sense of self I lost somewhere.” Add to that catchy synths and programmed textures that give you the feeling of floating, as you stare into space and ponder the lyrics (cue cinematic life events montage).


“Risk” is one of the few songs on their latest release that most closely harkens back to the days of Metric’s mainstream crossover album Fantasies (2009). The straight ahead song is structured with a pop melody and a sound that the band actively seems to be moving away from, but can’t escape. Haine’s sweet vocals coupled with Metric’s signature staccato drums, and Shaw’s effortless guitar riffs translates to what is sure to become a fan favorite.

“Breathing Underwater”

Metric has been playing very few old songs from their catalogue on this Art of Doubt tour. However, the band seemed to relish performing their larger than life anthem, “Breathing Underwater” for KCRW. With pronounced riffs bordering on guitar solos, and a playful vocal exchange between Haines and, well, herself, this song never seems to get old for fans or the band.

The full MBE Apogee Session of Metric can be found here.  Metric are currently on their North American tour through July and are a must see live act if you’ve never had the pleasure.