Mia Doi Todd Live on KCRW

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Angeleno and prolific singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd has graced us with nine albums over the years but her recent release “Cosmic Ocean Ship” certainly stands out as one of her best. She focused on her journeys – both spiritual and actual (including Cuba and other locales) – and played many of our favorite during her set today – “Skipping Stones”, “Summer Lover” and “Paratay”.

She illustrated the CD herself and is also a seamstress. I think she is one of those artists who can do just about anything she puts her mind to. She’s a talented and special soul.


Mia Doi Todd Live on KCRW

Summer Lover


La Havana

The Rising Tide

Under The Sun

Skipping Stones

Um Girassol Da Cor Do Seu Cabelo