Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt Goes Solo — And Septimus

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Miike Snow, Andrew Wyatt’s voice is well known. After two excellent full-length albums, the NY-based singer is now branching out from his partnership with the hitmaking Swedish duo of Bloodshy & Avant (Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg) for a solo album.

Judging by his first single, it appears he’s taking a more orchestral approach than the electo-pop Miike Snow is known for.

I love any song that hits an “emotional high” 20 seconds in, launched with his soaring falsetto. And there’s even a jangly guitar interlude towards the end, and the sweet sounds of the triangle throughout. Romantic pop bliss.

Stream “And Septimus”

I know the new album will be called “Descender” but we won’t know any other details (including a release date) until next year. Stay tuned!