Miranda July Guest Deejays on KCRW

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Miranda July ever since seeing her first feature film “Me and You and Everyone We Know”.  Then came her quirky promotion for her book “No One Belongs Here More Than You”.  I can’t recommend either of these enough.

She is a truly singular artist and her work resonates with me (and many others) on a deeply personal level. She seems to unearth the feelings and thoughts none of us want to talk about – but all of us have – and she does it in the most creative ways – through film, books, performance art and more.

Truth be told, I’ve been trying to book her for the Guest DJ Project pretty much since the show started over 2 years ago. I genuinely wanted to know what music she listened to! Over and over again, I kept getting the answer – she wants to do it but is working on her new movie.

Now, that new movie – “The Future” — is out and she not only did a Guest DJ set but took us through her creative process with her picks.

She regretted not including any hip hop songs on her list and ended up talking to host Dan Wilcox about the power of Kanye West in this bonus clip:

Miranda July – KCRW Guest DJ Project excerpt by KCRW

Check out her full Guest DJ set here


Miranda July Guest DJ Project Tracklist

1. White Magic – “Keeping The Wolves From The Door”
2. Leonard Cohen – “Bird On A Wire”
3. People Get Ready – “Uncanny”
4. Chris Norman and Suzi Quatro, called “Stumblin’ In”
5. Peggy Lee and Benny Goodman called “Where or When”