Mr. Little Jeans Covers Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”

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Arcade Fire you’ve been hearing on Morning Becomes Eclectic? Like someone drank some cough syrup on their way home from the danceclub and gave it a go? It’s Mr. Little Jeans – who is actually very much a lady – singing “The Suburbs,” the title track off their Grammy-winning album.

Stream Mr. Little Jeans — “The Suburbs” (Arcade Fire cover)

I love her take on this. I am one of those that believe a cover should totally reinterpret a song and take it in a new direction that expresses the artist’s unique style. The Norwegian chanteuse really gives is a fresh sound.

I actually first discovered Mr. Little Jeans, and her excellent track “Stones in the Attic,” on RCRDLBL and you can still download that track – which is notably more joyful, with handclaps and all – as well as the above track on the site.

Stream Mr Little Jeans — “Stones in the Attic”