Music For Your Weekend

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I know it’s winter, but here in Los Angeles it’s felt more like June as of late. However, it just so happens that we’ve seen a few recent releases that perfectly compliment this warm weather. Let’s check ’em out.

Nightmares On WaxShape the Future

George Evelyn better known as Nightmares On Wax, is a legend in the world of downtempo & trip-hop. He has been releasing music for over 20 years and has been played on KCRW for about the same length of time. Shape the Future is NOW’s first release in 6 years and is his most collaborative record to date; with features by Andrew Ashong, Jordan Rakei, and Mozez. When asked about making this record, Evelyn said, “I’ve journeyed both inwardly and outwardly all over the world and both psychically and emotionally.” Take a look at the video for the track “Back to Nature”

Moods – “Comfortable” feat. HIGH HØØPS

Moods is a producer out of Rotterdam and HIGH HØØPS is a member of the Kiwi band Leisure. Together they have created the quintessential song to play while driving down PCH in your convertible. Thick chords, lush atmospheric sounds and melodies, sexy vocals, dirty drums, and a dash of funk…what else do you need in a song? This song is my most recent obsession. It’s just so damn good! Check it out and I dare you not to agree.

KhruangbinCon Todo El Mundo

If you are an avid fan of KCRW then you’ve probably heard these guys on our airwaves a lot recently. I even wrote about them a couple of weeks ago. What can I say? We love them and they are really good. I can also say that their new album is finally out! Con Todo El Mundo certainly does not disappoint and is full of the psychedelic, surf-rock sounds that we’ve become accustom to from the Texas trio. With this latest album they’ve even ventured a bit more into the world of funk, as well as featuring more vocals throughout the record than they have in the past. They were just recent guests on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Check out their live version of “Maria También” in the KCRW studios.

*Bonus Editor’s Pick c/o Tyler Hale*

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “Mainland”

Slotting perfectly inline with the summer-y theme, let’s highlight the latest from ripping Aussies Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. “Mainland” features the crafty guitar lines we’ve come to expect from their limited catalogue, but the lyrics take a bit of a darker turn (more so when balanced against the sunny melodies). According to a press release about how the song came together – singer/songwriter/guitarist Tom Russo was on a trip near to where the refugee crisis was unfolding in the Mediterranean Sea. He penned the song about “longing, disillusionment, privilege and holding on to love as a kind of shield.” The results are a great marriage of thoughtful songwriting and roll-the-windows-down vibes.

(RBCF photo c/o: Warwick Baker, palm photo c/o: Joey Zanotti)