Music For Your Weekend

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Once again, we find ourselves blessed with an abundance of new musical riches from Dan Auerbach, to Dan Croll, to other artists not named Dan…of course you may just want to spend your weekend playing the new Arcade Fire single over and over. That would be completely understandable. Should you find yourself in need of more options though, never fear, we’ve got you covered!

Washed Out – “Get Lost”

The four years that we’ve been without new music from Washed Out have been very deeply felt by yours truly. This is the kind of music that most directly speaks to my soul. Thankfully this single was well worth the wait. Washed Out has combined his indie sensibilities with his deep appreciation for Italo Disco and produced a new track with immensely pleasurable results. I can only hope (for your sake) that you are listening and dancing already.

Hot Collars – “Tongue Tied (The Go! Team Remix)”

Hot Collars are based in the U.K., and that’s about all we know about them. Fortunately their ridiculously catchy single “Tongue Tied” more than speaks for itself. Now that they’ve been remixed by their fellow countrymen/women in The Go! Team, there is even more incentive for you to jump onto their wavelength and party down.

Perera Elsewhere “Karam”

London born, Berlin based Perera Elsewhere just released her second album, All of This, today; and it is a glorious thing. “Karam” is an album highlight with it’s sultry minimalism, and sly update on a very recognizable 50 Cent lyric. Put this on, and prepare yourself for the vibe-iest of weekends.