Music For Your Weekend feat. Foals, Anjulie & Natalia Lafourcade, and Garçons

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The weekend is here! And so are these freshly minted tunes for your discriminating ears. Grab a chair, your fav pair of expensive noise cancelling headphones, and get ready for tunes wide and varied.

This week we hit up artists from Ottawa, Nigeria & Mexico (via L.A.), and Oxford, UK for some delicious melodies. Enjoy.

Foals – "Into the Surf"

The Indie-Rock band hailing from Oxford, England took 4 years to deliver a new album. March of 2019 gave us Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost… Part 1 and then just this month the band released Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost… Part 2!! However, today’s featured song, “Into the Surf” … doesn’t appear on either album. It was instead released as a 3-song single. Pro-li-fic! Thematically and sonically it fits perfectly with their 2 part albums, and in fact, there’s a brief interlude track on Part 1 entitled “Surf, Pt 1” that only lasts 44 seconds.  Maybe Foals felt this melody could be fleshed out into a full song or are simply teasing this stand alone single. Whatever the case, glad they put out this song and are back in action.  

Anjulie & Natalia Lafourcade – “Holy Water” (feat Phyno)

This track is a true collaboration on a global scale, which surprisingly originates in LA. You’ve got LA-based, Guyanese-Canadian pop artist Anjulie (who’s penned songs for Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Diplo), Nigerian rapper Phyno (The Headies Award Winner), & Mexican pop star Natalia Lafourcade (Grammy Award Winner) all featured on an infectious sultry single called “Holy Water.”  It’s perfectly balanced with English/ Spanish verse and chorus combos that make you forget the track is bilingual. And the video is visually delectable with interesting interpretations of the lyrics and colors that tantalize the senses. It’s one of my current favorites.

Garçons – “Ladybug”

There’s nothing more gratifying than a catchy hook, and on Garçons’ latest EP, which came out today, the track “Ladybug” delivers. It’s the opening track to their Be Human-EP, which doesn’t slow down one bit after the catchy opener. Pedigree & Froggin have a big Afrobeat influence and the other 5 tracks fall neatly in line to provide soulful funk. Check out the chill video for “Ladybug” from this rapidly rising Ottawa-based duo.