Music For Your Weekend feat. Jarv Is, Woods, and introducing Muzz (Interpol/Walkmen project)

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This week brought with it SO. MUCH. NEWS. Not much of that news was particularly good so I'm clinging pretty hard to a couple of album announcements from artists that haven't been around nearly enough lately. Plus, we just got hit with a mysterious new project from members of Interpol and the Walkmen. The dream of the 90s (and the early aughts) is alive.

Jarv Is - "House Music All Night Long"

Jarvis Cocker will be releasing his first album under his new(ish) Jarv Is moniker on May 1st.  I repeat, a new Jarvis Cocker album will be released on May 1st of this year. This is not a drill!! Beyond the Pale is his first extended collection of original music since 2009's Further Complications

Slinky, sexy, and cool are words that describe most Pulp/Jarvis Cocker songs, so it should come as no surprise that they apply so precisely to "House Music All Night Long." Pro-tip: watch the video in full screen mode so visions of Jarvis' sepia-toned silhouette may dance in your head forever.

Woods - "Where Do You Go When You Dream?"

Woods are almost frustratingly prolific, so their relative absence since 2017's Love is Love has been felt. A notable exception to that absence was their production and musicianship on last year's self titled Purple Mountains LP (one of my Top 10 of 2019), but it's still extra nice to have the proverbial band back together. 

Strange to Explain will be released on May 22nd via the group's own Woodsist label. Lead single "Where Do You Go When You Dream?" really punctuates that announcement. The trip it leads you on is groovy and meandering in the best possible way. Like a detour into a field of the sweetest smelling wildflowers.

Muzz - "Bad Feeling"

Speaking of songs that take you on a journey... wow does this one ever do that. And in under three minutes no less! Muzz is comprised of Interpol frontman Paul Banks, Walkmen drummer Matt Barrick, and multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman (Bonny Light Horseman, Bon Iver).

They've been teasing the project a fair amount on Instagram, but so far the only music they've shared is "Bad Feeling." Thankfully that one track is worthy of many repeat listens. Spare, tender, and delicate with every airy backing vocal, and sultry horn arrangement perfectly placed. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I need to hear it just one more time...