Music For Your Weekend feat. Rodrigo y Gabriela, Hot Chip, and Brittany Howard

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It’s hot here in LA, and so are these tracks. Let’s swan dive into these 3 very different artists.

Rodrigo y Gabriela – “Mettavolution”

Mexican duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela’s virtuosic guitar playing took them from busking around Dublin in the early aughts, to recently headlining the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. They also just stopped by MBE for a live session and released a monster of an album! What a week.

The title track “Mettavolution” has their signature Flamenco-inspired techniques, but it's also riddled with a punch of their love for heavy metal.  I’m not a Rod y Gab historian, but this might also be one of the few rare tracks with vocals in it, albeit as background.  It’s definitely a song that will get the weekend blood pumpin’.

Hot Chip – “Hungry Child”

Hot Chip’s 7th album A Bathtub Full of Ecstasy is yet another perfect* synth pop, dance leaning offering in their extensive catalogue (*full disclosure, they are one of my favorite bands). 

After all these years, they still have a knack for super catchy songs and clever music videos. However, the video for “Hungry Child,” takes the cake for how incredibly awesome it is while still being very simple. Basically, it suggests that music videos are outrageous by nature… I laughed at loud, and the gag did not get old. Check it out.

Brittany Howard – “History Repeats” and “Stay High”

The vocally fierce frontwoman of Alabama Shakes fame cannot stop making music. Brittany Howard has released 2 singles from her forthcoming solo debut album Jaime. So far, the tracks available are as expected: delightful and soulful. Quite different than her other raucous side project, Thunderbitch (circa 2015). 

“History Repeats” is the opening track, and features an ultra funky guitar riff and Howard’s bluesy voice. These two singles will surely have you wanting to check out the rest of the album, but you’ll have to wait until September 20th.

The feel good video for “Stay High” featuring Terry Crews as the protagonist and Brittany as a reoccurring pop up is also a great pitch for her solo project.

Give both of them a spin.