Myron & E U.S. Live Radio Debut – Cold Game

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Everybody in the studio was dancing. Before noon. And not just dancing, we were dancing like no one was watching.

Early morning dance parties at KCRW are not an uncommon occurrence, but I’ve never seen one quite this intense, or one that began so fast.

From the opening strains of “On Broadway“, the de facto title track from Myron & E’s forthcoming debut album (a guaranteed candidate for my top records of the year), the duo’s energy was infectious. It was impossible not to start getting down right along with them, and boy were they getting down.

Almost every word they sang was punctuated by a vivid facial expression from Myron, and a snazzy hand gesture from E.

Snaps, hand claps, and serious dance moves abounded from both men. Plus, for good measure, there was some serious air violin happening! I can’t remember the last time I saw anyone play air violin (if I’ve even seen that at all), but if there was ever a set that called for it, it was this one.

Local band The Lions did a beyond bang up job taking over orchestration duties from Finnish band the Soul Investigators, who appear on all of Myron & E’s recordings, but don’t often appear in the United States.

In a set that was comprised entirely of highlights it was hard to pick a single one. However, that honor has to go to “Cold Game“, the song that hipped most of us KCRW DJ’s to Myron & E many years ago.

It’s a perfect soul single, of the variety that makes you feel almost certain that you’ve heard it before, but at the same time kind of sounds better than anything you’ve heard before. It’s been a major crowd pleaser in every DJ set I’ve thrown it into over the years.

For slow dancing, may I recommend “I Can’t Let You Get Away“. And watch Myron’s mid-song move to the keys and how he leads the band through an unexpected twist at the end.

I strongly recommend that you check out the full set , as it’s one of the best I’ve seen in quite some time. Also KCRW will stream Myron & E’s album “Broadway” starting on Monday as part of our Album Preview feature.

You now have your watching/listening assignments for the rest of the week. Carry on…

Myron & E Live on KCRW – Set List

On Broadway
If I Gave You My Love
Cold Game
I Can’t Let You Get Away
Do It Do It Disco