Mystery Artist Tepid Joy

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From DJ Dan Wilcox:
As both a radio DJ and music supervisor, I have learned to live with a certain level of bombardment of new music from labels, publishers, artists, managers, etc.  It only seems to be increasing and have to admit, it can be overwhelming sometimes.  Technology has made music so accessible and any artist with a reasonable amount of hustle can promote themselves in a variety of ways… be it SoundCloud links, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, whatever.
That is why I find it somewhat refreshing to stumble upon a new artist and not be able to find any information about them.  At all.  I recently checked out a post on Stereogum re: CMJ which contained a song that really caught my ear: “Trying To Find My Love” by Tepid Joy.
An artist that has little to no information about them on the web.  They might be from Sacramento, CA, but beyond that… they are a mystery.  And who doesn’t love a good mystery.  Check it out and download the track here.
— Dan Wilcox