Nada Surf on MBE — Cover “Enjoy the Silence”

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Nada Surfs latest album is dedicated entirely to covers and we found out how it all came about this morning. Apparently keyboardist Louie Lino bought a recording studio and talked the band into recording an album there in exchange for going back out on the road to tour behind their last full length, the excellent album “Lucky.”

As Matthew Caws told DJ Chris Douridas, a covers record was a good compromise – “all the fun of recording without the pressure of writing.” They decided on the songs by just hanging out and listening to music they liked. The final result includes songs by Kate Bush, the Go-Betweens, and even Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” Rogue Wave also performed a Depeche Mode cover in our studio just a few weeks ago so I’ve put them back to back just for fun. Nada Surf put their trademark catchy pop spin on  “Enjoy the Silence” while Rogue performed a hushed acoustic version of “Shake This Disease.”

I should also mention that Nada Surf performed as a quintet this morning, with Guided by Voices’ Doug Gillard on guitar. Check out the entire session here