Natureboy: Artist You Should Know

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Luckily, I found the perfect grey morning album just in time. It’s by an artist named Natureboy (who is actually a girl) out of Brooklyn.

It’s lo-fi yet totally intoxicating. In fact, my iTunes shuffle flipped to an indie rock song after one track and it sounded like sirens in my ears after the haunting starkness of Sara Kermanshahi’s vocals and instrumentation.

Natureboy “Pariah” by Bleek Records

The friend who turned me on to it told me she listened to the album non-stop once she got it and I can see why. Some albums are just a pleasant place to be and you want to live in them for a while, kinda like finding your way to a fireplace on a chilly day.

Sara is a first generation American of Iranian descent and the project is a musical collaboration with producer Cedar Apffel.

Natureboy played shows with some of my other favorite female singers of the indie scene — Cate Le Bon and Sharon Van Etten — and fans of Mazzy Star and even Bon Iver (who made a big announcement yesterday) will certainly enjoy this.